My Blog Is Moving!

The ‘Your Sew In Style’ blog page is moving! This will be the last post under this site!

As you may or may not be aware, I have been busy starting my new creative business, Sarah Diane Creative.

As such, my blog page is extremely out of date! I have decided to move this to my new venture and combine my own personal creations together with inspirational posts connected with my business and values.

These will also feature on my new website: . Please feel free to check out our offering and if you want to hear more you can sign up to our newsletter.

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I hope you will join me if you have not done so already to keep in touch with my new journey.

Best wishes

Sarah xx


Dear all followers of my blog `Your Sew In Style’

I am currently developing this site for my new creative business venture called Sarah Diane Creative.

Fear not, my personal sewing blog will still be featured on here as part of the new wonderful services associated with my business.

Please bear with me at this time and if you have any question regarding Sarah Diane Creative please email me at:

Any questions regarding my blog, please contact me via the link in the side bar.


Me-Made-May 2018

Here it is again for another year! Although I participated last year for the first time, I had to suddenly ‘drop out’ after the first week for family reasons. Technically this will be my first proper year doing this, but my limited experience last year has definitely shaped my pledge for this year.

Whilst the idea of this great challenge, run by Zoe from So Zo What Do You Know, is to enhance and develop your relationship with your handmade wardrobe. For me, I allowed the social media element of the ‘daily photo’ to completely stress me out! As Zoe, the author of this amazing challenge explains, this is NOT a photo challenge, nor a reason to made loads of new clothes and it is definitely not a competition! Quite right too and I more than anyone needs to remember that!

As a result I have decided not to post my outfit’s daily on my instagram feed. I may add some here and there on my instagram stories but that will really be if the mood takes. Instead I want to focus on the purpose of the challenge and think about what I personally need by taking part. Without further ado, here is my pledge: Continue reading “Me-Made-May 2018”

What’s all the fuss about these Ogden’s?

I don’t know about you but the amount of sewers that I’ve seen make the True Bias Ogden Cami is astonishing! I have loved and admired each and every one and thought ‘I must make one of those to see what all the fuss is about’! So I did, finally!

My summer vibe helped me wiz up not one but FOUR of these cami’s! All made from my stash of 1m leftover fabrics. The floral one was slightly more hence why I made it in to a dress/tunic. This pattern is great for stash busting.

Continue reading “What’s all the fuss about these Ogden’s?”

Is It Worth Setting `Resewlutions’?


Yes absolutely!  If like me you are a random disorganised sewer, who easily gets distracted by the next shinny fabric or new pattern release, worse still the addiction of your Instagram feed, then setting goals and targets is a must!

As you know from my last post, I have gained a new positive perspective, but also I’m aware that the New Year does not realistically bring a new start without a bit of effort and thought.  I don’t mean setting resolutions that many of us do that in reality will get broken by the end of Feb, I’m more concerned with setting realistic goals and starting the year with a view of what I would like to achieve by the end of the year.

Without further ado here are my 2018 sew resolutions:

  • Sort out my sewing room.  This I have already completed within the first week of the New Year.  Go me! Kicking the sew resolutions in the butt and hitting the ground running – woo hoo!!  I will do a post on this in more detail but here’s a sneaky peak…..


  • Focus on the fabric I do have before buying any more!  This is the general sewers addiction – the fabric pull.  We love to stroke, play and look at the pretty textiles, sometimes with a purpose for it and other times not.  Once the fabric hits the shelf, storage box or the floor it can get forgotten and lost with it’s brothers and sisters and feel abandoned.  Result, we buy more fabric without really checking what we have.  This is usually because we haven’t got the time to sift through the piles and, if like me, memory cells have been lost through copious amounts of red wine, we forget!  The solution for me was to sort, measure and display my fabric stash where I would see each item all the time.  This fell in line with sorting out my sewing room and I decided to create mini bolts, which I shelved in order like books.  Further details to follow.  The process took four evenings, whist watching Peaky Blinders catch up TV, but was so worth it!   Just look how gorgeous this taster is……..

IMG_5740 (Edited)

  • Decide to enact upon myself a fabric ban until further notice! I have so much and this needs to be used, whether that be making something for me, family or friends, or if it’s no longer working for me gifting or taking part in a fabric swap.  This decision was of course made after spending my birthday and Christmas vouchers first!  I still have one voucher for Ray Stitch left, which I am saving for denim purchases, bringing me on to my next resolutions……
  • To make jeans and stop being such a wuss! I’ve had the ginger jeans pattern from Closet Case for over a year and have procrastinated over making them for some time.  There are amazing sewers on Instagram who have made amazing versions and all say its a great pattern and builds confidence.  I just need to take the plunge and this year is my year for doing just that.  I already have denim for the pattern in my stash, but anticipate after making one pair more will follow for myself and eldest daughter, hence the saving of the Ray Stitch voucher!


  • Focus on making clothing that I need, rather than making more of what I already have and making more than I need.  Over last year I recognised the need for a variety of coats to go with different seasons and styles.  In addition I really need more trousers, jeans (as above), skirts and leggings.  Items that will reflect my everyday need of casual and smart casual.  Items that are more formal aren’t really required in my life at the moment on a regular basis.
  • To do a little more selfless sewing for my family.  I would like to finish my first shirt for my husband and have bought lots of Thread Theory men’s patterns to enhance his wardrobe.  Also my girls are always asking me for clothes and I have a big list of wants.  Last year wasn’t realistic but this year I would like to make more for them.  My son doesn’t ask, but if I nail the men’s makes for hubbie, perhaps he might trust me to make him something too!  He is a teenage and it might not be cool to wear clothes your Mum made in front of his mates?!?! We’ll see……I will try not to be offended if that is the case *sobs loudly*!
  • Following on from that, is making handmade gifts for loved ones for birthdays and Christmas for those that will appreciate the thought and effort.  Again, the last two Christmases I didn’t have the time but if I plan ahead from October it would be feasible.
  • Develop more of my pattern drafting skills as I’m quite good at it so it would appear!  I will post more on what I have done soon.  My Instagram feed contains some clothes I have designed and made myself.  Feel free to have a look before my post.
  • Be selective with my time and think through whether I can justify putting myself forward for pattern reviewing or any craft reviewing.  These reason for this is that in the beginning of starting to blog and going on Instagram, I went for everything that came up, but realised how quickly this drained my time and plus I didn’t get payment for it either.  Usually it requires making and then writing a review to promote that business.  The benefit would be keeping the item you are reviewing (a pattern, fabric or craft item).  Usually this wouldn’t be in line with the time spend and I tended to find that a lot of items I wouldn’t use again or didn’t like the fabric so wouldn’t get wore.  For me this is a waste of materials and time that I want to invest on myself.  That’s not to say I won’t put myself forward at all, my decision would be whether I firstly can justify giving away my free time for something that fits in line with my vision, style and beliefs.
  • Following on from that is the taking part in Instagram challenges.  I do love the sewing challenges as it really gets you involved in the community, though they do take time and focus.  Again, I think I need to get involved where I can allocate the time and also if its making something, it’s in line with what I need.  There is no point feeling stressed taking part in a challenge.  These are supposed to be fun and enjoyable.
  • To be more conscious of the impact my sewing has on the environment.  There is a increase in speed sewing which could be seen as creating fast fashion with home sewers and ideals of thrift and make do and mend are lost.  My Nan sewed not just because she enjoyed it but because it was a necessity for her to provide well made clothes at a fraction of the price through thrift and skill.  It’s difficult to see that in place now sometimes.  This area relates to a lot of the above points in terms of how much fabric I have, what I make and whether these are to last and will be loved and worn for many years to come rather than over making.  Can I reuse what I already have? Can I gift items I don’t wear or give to charity? Avoiding landfill is essential.
  • Not to leave my love of knitting out, I want to knit more socks for my sock drawer and knit more jumpers and cardigans.  Perhaps design my own again this year?
  • To investigate seriously whether my hobby is something that I take forward to another level – career perhaps.  This has been whirling in my mind for two years now since I stopped working for my husband.  There is a long way to go with research before I can even give an answer to myself let alone you guys.  Once I know I will of course tell you all.

I think there is more than enough to be going on with this year, don’t you?!  It will be interesting reflecting back to this post in December to see what I have achieved and what has or hasn’t worked for me.  There will always be elements of adaption that take us in different directions and that’s ok.  It’s all part of the journey.

Have you got any resolutions, sewing or craft wise or just in general?  Do share your thoughts and plans.


New Year, Positive Vibes – Happy Blogiversary To Me!

So many people I know or have spoken to couldn’t wait for 2017 to end.  Life for many has gained in intensity and pressure and last year seemed to be the quickest and most stressful yet.  For myself and my family this was indeed very true and very real.

When I look back at my very first post on the 11th Jan 17, I was bursting with the excitement of starting my blog and interacting on social media for the first time, particularly Instagram, enabling me to journal my sewing and creative journey.  It started off well for the first three months, but then a family emergency hit, which meant I had to stop and place all of my focus on my family, which continued throughout most of 2017.  This was an extremely hard time for us all and impacted on my physical and mental health.  I had little time for my sewing and creative hobbies, which bring me a form of therapy and missed it very much.  However, family comes first and foremost and always will naturally and with much love.

As a result, if you had spoken to me at any point before December, I would have been ready to rid myself of 2017, with the naive hope that wishing the year away would have brought stability, calm and happiness to our family of five.  Of course this is utter crap as emergencies, disasters, stressful situations etc can come and hit at anytime and existing situations wouldn’t go away with a New Year.  We always live in hope and this is why the celebration of New Year has such significance in most of our lives.  The hope that next year will be better than the last.

I used to think this way too however, the extremities of my families circumstances, on reflection, provided it’s own positive end to 2017 and taught us all so much.  For me, I realised just how strong and resilient I am going through what we went through.  You never really know how well you cope until you are tested to your limit.  Thankfully I am a tough cookie to crack and although I had many crashes and struggles with coping and confidence (both of which I have struggled with for as long as I can remember), I found that I can cope and get through anything, bringing back the confidence in myself I lost so long ago.  The reason I am this strong is not just part of who I am, but also the strong family unit that my husband and I have created with my amazing children, which gives me that strength.  Not only this but my wonderful extended family who have been so supportive and amazing to us all through this time, knowing that they were affected too and also had their own struggles to cope with.  Our close friends, who are so dear to us, were fantastic for support and a listening ear, cup of tea or a glass (or three) of wine!  Even though they felt they couldn’t help, their support was priceless to us.  You certainly know who you can count on in a crisis I can tell you!

What surprised me was the contact I had from some of the sewing and craft community that I have got to know through Instagram.  As I suddenly stop blogging and wasn’t on social media initially for some time, I had direct messages from some lovely people who actually missed my blog posts or presence.  I was very touched that people I only knew mainly online could care enough to notice my absence.  That was truly lovely.  I know this is said a lot, but the sewing and craft community truly are a wonderful community.  Thank you for caring.

I ended last year as a result, thoroughly blessed and thankful. Without having the year I had, I don’t think I would have really reflected on how wonderful my life is and being so grateful for the richness that my family, friends and my creativity brings.  Sometimes, we need to stop and look at just what we have, through the the bad times and the good.  Complacency creates a negativity and we are all guilty of that.  I hope this post makes you sit back and truly think about what really matters to you.  For me it’s family, true friends and taking care of me to ensure I can be strong for all my loved ones.  Being creative with my sewing and other hobbies is right up there for bringing calm, joy and fulfilment personally.

I will end this short post (sorry no piccies on this one for the visual people!) as I think this ends the chapter on last year nicely, to begin a new chapter this year.  I will post shortly my sewing plans and pledges for 2018.  For now, here’s to a positive start to 2018 and whatever that may bring.

Love, peace and contentment to you all. xxx

MMMay17 – Week 1 Roundup

Well #mmmay17 has certainly kicked off with a bang this week for all taking part! As this is my first time, I was keen to ensure I kept to my pledge and also to follow up each week with a ’roundup’ to evaluate what I’ve achieved or learnt from the process.  Here is my first weeks instalment.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that not only did I wear ‘me made’ clothes for my pledged three days of the first week, but also managed to post a bonus day:

IMG_3705 Continue reading “MMMay17 – Week 1 Roundup”

Me-Made-May 17

No surprise for those of you who know me or read my blog, I am just in time to join the Me-Made-May 17 (#MMMay17).  Fashionably late again! Yay!!!

This is the first year I have joined this challenge (and the first time I have heard of it too, thanks to the wonderful sewing community on Instagram).  This challenge is in it’s eighth year and hosted by Zoe from ‘So Zo…What do you know? , in case you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about this before either. Continue reading “Me-Made-May 17”

My first pair of trousers under my belt!

  Please excuse the weeds on the patio!

Although I have been sewing regularly for a few years now and am fairly confident in making tops, skirts and dresses, along with becoming braver with pattern drafting, the one item of clothing that I have not attempted are trousers.  There are a few reasons for this.  One, I am very bottom heavy, a pear shape if you will, resulting in my avoidance of making anything fitted out of fear it would become far to complicated.  Two, not only am I ‘a pear’, I’m also very short – 5 ft 2 inches to be exact.  This causes more fitting anxiety for me, to ensure I can scale down the trouser pattern without losing the shape.  Of course all these concerns have been floating in my head for a while, making it even harder to take the trouser making plunge.  Resistance however, was futile for someone who likes and wears jeans and trousers regularly.

I decided to start with a simple but seemingly flattering pattern, the Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It . Continue reading “My first pair of trousers under my belt!”

Stash Busting – Essentials Part 4

This is my final part of my stash busting essential garment series.  I can’t promise there won’t be more in the future – in fact you could lay money on the fact there will be, after all this is predominately a sewing blog!

Those of you who follow me on instagram, Facebook and Twitter, will have seen a sneaky peak at my Wanted Tee, by Vanessa Pouzet. For those of you who haven’t (and why not?!?!) here is the drunk picture: Continue reading “Stash Busting – Essentials Part 4”

Stash Busting – Essentials Part 3

I suppose my blog posts are currently like buses – you don’t see one for a while then three come in a week!  Ha ha!  Oh well, consistency hasn’t been my strong suit recently, but I’m feeling more in the sewing zone these past couple of weeks – even with the children being off school for their Easter break.  Whilst I’ve loved having them home with me and will definitely miss them when they go back to school, I’m looking forward to more guilt free time in ‘bedroom 5’ – aka my sewing room.

Now to my third instalment of essential garments to help use up a metre or so of fabric left over in your stash – I bring you the Ariane Bodysuit by Seamwork. Continue reading “Stash Busting – Essentials Part 3”

Stash Busting – Essentials Part 2

To set the scene of this post, I am writing this from a small corner of a café in the local swimming pool, casually observing my youngest daughter and her friend having fun. I do laugh at myself sometimes at my choice of locations for impulsive blog post writing, but when you have the urge to write you have a duty to yourself to respond accordingly!

Now for part two of my bid to make handmade clothes for myself that can be incorporated in to my everyday wardrobe. I wanted to make a couple of camisole tops. As the warmer weather is starting to arrive and with a little taste of the lovely British summer at its best at the weekend, the need for lighter tops is becoming more of a necessity. I own a few RTW camisoles but wanted to add my own in to the mix. Continue reading “Stash Busting – Essentials Part 2”

Stash Busting – Essentials Part 1

At last spring is here for good it seems! Last week was the first week of the Easter holidays for my children and I’m pleased to say the weather has been gorgeous.  We have spent the week mostly on family days out, which has been so lovely as it seems such a long time since we’ve done that.  I think Christmas was the last time.  Now that the weather is more favourable and the early evenings lighter, we will do more together as it helps us to connect and feel more grounded in our busy lives.

In a bid to gain more vitamin D, we are tackling our overgrown garden this weekend as it’s going to be very warm indeed.  Hoping to get it ship shape for the coming spring/summer months so we can enjoy our outdoor space together too.  However, before I don my garden gloves and attire, I thought it was about time I did a blog post – sorry for the delay!

Although last week was fairly busy with family outings, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of sewing afternoons and finished three of my stash busting essential Rumi Tanks! Continue reading “Stash Busting – Essentials Part 1”

The Handmade Fair v’s The Knitting & Stitching Show

What a lovely spring day it is today.  I decided this morning to get some fresh air and walk with my youngest daughter as she begins her day testing out a new school.  Whilst there is a little nip in the air, it is sunny and warming on the face and a great vitamin D day! Sitting here in my sewing room, typing this post, the sun is coming through the window and I’ve even opened it ajar to feel the lovely spring air.  Not sure if this picture shows that enough, but it’s the best I’ve got!  Hope you feel in good spirits today too.


This post was meant to be posted yesterday, but my wifi was playing up and after a three hour slog involving unplugging and plugging wires, running up and down the stairs pressing buttons to try and connect, I got fed up and realised it was not meant to be.  This morning has a positive feel to it and within 15 mins I got it working.  Hurrah!


My post today is, hopeful, a helpful comparison of two craft fairs that I have attended since starting sewing three years ago.  The first was the Handmade Fair last September, hosted at Hampton Court in Greater London and the second was last weeks Knitting & Stitching Show, held at the Olympia, West Kensington, London. Continue reading “The Handmade Fair v’s The Knitting & Stitching Show”

Partying hard at the #monetaparty! 

Currently sitting in a hospital room with my poorly eldest daughter, in limbo, awaiting the hospitals next move, I thought I would do an impromptu blog post whilst all is calm and A is resting.  It’s strange how we find ourselves in unusual situations, doing unexpected things isn’t it?

Me with my gorgeous baby girl, happier than she is now, bless her x

Obviously my mind is focused on A, but whilst she rests and to distract me from my worry, I’ve caught up on my blog post reading (limited however, as some blogs I access via Instagram and the hospital wifi seems to not like this particular social media platform!!)
One blog I read was from my newly found sewing friend Emma, from Emmaandhermachine.  I do enjoy her posts as they are lighthearted but also very insightful in to her very new sewing journey.  I am amazed at the amount of sewing she has done and her many amazing outfit achievements.  It’s truely inspiring and she definitely inspires me.   Continue reading “Partying hard at the #monetaparty! “

Preparation for Spring – Poncho Style!

Well hello there!  How are you all today and what have you all been up to these past few weeks?  I know, I know, I’ve neglected my blog recently and not done my weekly post’s for a while, but I’m back!  Yay or maybe nay I hear you say?!?! Very poetic, but hopefully `yay’ is the general consensus on my return.

img_2272After a run of health related issues in my lovely little clan of five, some still continuing for two of us, we are slowly getting back on our feet.  With that comes the energy and enthusiasm to finally start completing some of my WIP’s (‘work in progress’ for all you newbie’s to the crafty lingo and certainly not what you may have originally been thinking!). One WIP in particular has come together very nicely whilst having a very housebound February half term.  For those of you who follow me on social media, you will know that I announced on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, that I had completed my free style knitting project last week. Continue reading “Preparation for Spring – Poncho Style!”

Reflections, Pure & Simple

I thought I would start February and this weeks post reflecting on how January turned out. As is the case for many, it started with resolutions made.  For me that included starting a personal sewing blog, sewing more and making more use of my time.  For the most part, resolutions achieved.  I started my blog mid-way through January and as a result I am more focused on my sewing.  However the ‘more use of time’ resolution has had its’ up moments and slight down moments.  My plan was to feel more in control of my time, not just for sewing, but encompassing all things important in my life; my lovely husband and wonderful children, my wider family, close friends and other things I enjoy; like cooking, reading, dancing, walks and so much more, whether alone or sharing with others dear to me. Continue reading “Reflections, Pure & Simple”

It’s An Ochre Obsession

How cold was last week?  I am definitely not cut out for the UK winters’.  Damp, cold and miserable.  Very envious of anyone who lives in warmer climates or those lucky enough to be on holiday in the warm.  Any chance you could send some sun and an increase in temperature over here please?!  The weather has certainly affected my sewing mo-jo, as my sewing room, positioned at the back of the house, has more external walls than internal. Even with a radiator and electric heater, it is very cold indeed!  Cold hands – less sewing. Perhaps I need to invest in some finger-less gloves for times such as these, or knit myself a pair for next year?  Cold weather calls for a lovely hand-kitted jumper and handmade fluffy wool coat and I have just the garments!

Continue reading “It’s An Ochre Obsession”

The Renfrew Top-A Simple but Worth While Make

fullsizerender-3                                                                            Hello again, here I am with another sewing make after what seems like a busy and very fast week.  Already 2017 is speeding up and looks to be faster than ever for most of us, with little time to draw breath!  A interesting, dramatic and saddening  week Worldwide too with lots of discussion and views appearing in force on social media and beyond.  Whilst I have my own thoughts and views on these events, I do feel that we should live very much in the present, balancing our minds and sharing what we feel positive about in our own lives.  For me, I have been overwhelmed with the response from family, friends and new contacts in the sewing community, following the start of my blog nearly two weeks ago.

It’s quite a scary experience putting yourself out there and I was very nervous and self conscious about the whole thing, so far you’ve all made me feel very welcome.  Thank you.

Turning to my finished Renfrew Top by Sewaholic Patterns , Continue reading “The Renfrew Top-A Simple but Worth While Make”

First up – 1940’s Tea Dress


My first project of Jan 2017 is made and I have to say what a joy to make.  I used the Sew Over It 1940’s Tea Dress PDF pattern, which is recommended for a intermediate sewer.  I made the dress out of this beautiful teal patterned Liberty  sandwashed silk, from Ray Stitch in London.  I have had this in my stash since last summer and was waiting for the moment that I was brave enough to make something with it, without making a hash of it! This would have been criminal, not to mention an expensive mistake!  So I waited patiently for a little bit of experience with similar floaty fabrics and silk.  I will share some of those makes with you soon, which include a silk lined faux fur coat and my eldest daughter’s prom dress! Continue reading “First up – 1940’s Tea Dress”

New Year – New Projects


So, let’s kick the New Year and my new blog off with a projects board and plans for my January 2017 makes!

The project board in the picture, I made myself – please excuse the photography, I’m still learning!  The board sits on my wall in my sewing room as a big reminder of what I’ve pledged to create.  I used the projects calendar kindly issued by Sew DIY . I’ve found this useful as a focal point to draw my planned projects in to one list, with an order of which to start first etc. etc.  Really useful tool, I recommend anyone planning their makes on a monthly basis to use this. Continue reading “New Year – New Projects”


Hi, I’m Sarah and I’d like to welcome you to my sewing blog – Your Sew In Style!

Why start a sewing blog you may ask, well I have always been creative since being very small and was first taught how to sew and knit by my lovely Mum from a very young age. However, life took over and many years later (I wouldn’t like to say how many!), I started sewing again in my spare time, fitting it around working part-time and my three beautiful children. Continue reading “Introduction”